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Many people cringe at the sound of their own voices when they hear them played back on recording devices and videos. Why is this so often the case? Answering this question begins with an explanation that sound enters the ears in two ways—via the air and bone. When we hear air-conducted sound, the waves of sound travel through the eardrums, vibrate three bony ossicles, and finally reach the cochlea, which is the fluid-filled spiral structure that converts the vibrations into nerve impulses that are interpreted by the brain. However, when we speak, we hear both air-conducted and bone-conducted sound. Because the latter is perceived to be lower in frequency than the former, our voices seem high-pitched in recordings.

FAMILY HEARING CARE CENTER offers a full range of diagnostic and hearing-loss prevention services, hearing instruments and assistive devices. We continue the tradition of better hearing through education, technology, and customer service. To schedule a consultation, please call 781-337-1144. We are located at 543 Main St. (Rt. 18), across from the Stetson Bldg. in Weymouth. We have a second office in Bridgewater at 140 Bedford St. (508-279-0700). Please visit our website at Listen to Life Again.

P.S. Bone-conduction hearing instruments take advantage of the fact that bone-conducted sound travels through the bones of the skull to reach the inner ear.